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National President "Snake"

I started working in law enforcement at age 19. I worked in the jail which proved to be a great training ground for me at the time. I then started at the Police Department at age 21 and have held several positions over the last 25 years. I worked in the low income area (C.O.P.S.) unit for several years on a bicycle before moving to a motorcycle in the traffic unit. I started the departments first DUI team in 1998 and worked Traffic Homicides and DUI investigations. I then moved onto Criminal Investigations where I worked in several units. Most of my time was spent as the lead homicide investigator. I am currently a detective and loving life. I have been with my unbelievable wife (Dragonfly) for 24 years . She is also an associate member of the club. We have a set of twins (boy and girl) who are grown. I started out in the Tampa Bay Chapter of the Defenders LE/MC and became the president in 2006. I then started the Central Florida Chapter in January of 2008. This club is all about brotherhood, bonding, helping each other and others through tough times. I truly consider the DMC to be my extended family. This club is built on Quality and not Quantity.

National President
Defenders LE/MC  
Live Life Play Hard
National Vice President Patrick Lawson "Chubbs"

I was born a poor black boy in Cleveland, Ohio and moved to Kalamazoo, Michigan as a poor black boy. Graduated high school in Michigan and joined the Marine Corps from 1984 until 1993.

I went to Europe and got married to my ex-wife and joined the United Nations from 1993 until 1995.  I have a beautiful daughter from that marriage and child support for life, but I am happy for both.

I moved to Naples, Florida in 1995 and joined the Sheriffs office in 1996 as a poor black man.  I am a founding member with Defenders MC, Inc., and love my Defenders family.  I ride a 2003 custom Electra Glide that has a crash scrape on the front faring that gives it character. Oh yeah I am still a poor black man.


National Major John Mckie "Bubba"

I was born in Portsmouth, Virginia when dirt was clean. I moved to New Jersey after my fathers Naval tour was completed.  After working off and on for Dupont, I joined the Marine Corps and performed numerous duties as a Military Policeman, such as Patrolman, Desk Sgt., undercover with then NIS (now NCIS) and even undercover details with the Honolulu Police Department. I was Discharged and am considered a Disabled Vet, after a training incident resulted in numerous surgeries.
I joined the Federal Bureau of Prisons and perform numerous duties that included DCT (Disturbance Control Team), SORT (Special Operations Response Team (SWAT)), Medical transport (Air/land) and Witness Protection Transports.
My wife and main support  (Charm,)  have 4 children and most recently 1 grandchild !  With the help of 6 Brothers we formed the Defenders South Jersey II Chapter.  I enjoy riding my 2005 Police Bike with any Defender, meeting new Defenders and weightlifting.

Lieutenant-at-Arms: Ed Principe "Snoop"

 I was born and raised in New York and left to enlist in the USMC. After fourteen and a half years of service, I left the Marine Corps as a Captain settling in Florida, I began working for the Naples Police Department in 1990 and helped create the Departments' first SWAT team. I retired from the Naples Police Department in 2005 and took a position as a Special Agent for The Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Im currently assigned to the Miami Regional Office working in an Organized Crime Squad. I spent three years as a member of the FDLE's Special Operations Team (SWAT).

I am a founding member of the Defenders MC and ride a 2012 Road Glide CVO.


National Commander Joe Ragen "Ragz"

I was born and raised in Philadelphia. I moved to Ft. Myers in 1978.  At the time I was married and later had two children.

I started working for the Lee County Sheriff's Office in 1982 where I started in Road Patrol, I then went into the K-9 Unit for a short while.  I was later assigned to a Street Crimes Unit where I had the privilege of working with Shark and Hutch.  I then went into C.S.I. when C.S.I. wasn't cool.  From there I went undercover for approximately ten years where again I had the privilege of working side by side with two guys I truly love, Shark and Hutch.  I am now in the Marine Unit, my career was wonderful as I got to do all aspects of Law Enforcement that I wanted to do.

I joined the Defenders in August of 2004 when we only had the Naples Chapter.  I got to meet many wonderful people who I now consider my close friends.

My hobbies are Motorcycling and water sports.

National Secretary Dave Adams Taz

I was born and raised in St Clairsville, OH (GO BUCKEYES).  I started my career in Law Enforcement in the US Army in 1988 and retired with 20 years. I had 9 years on active duty and 11 years in the National Guard.  I spent my first 3 years in the army in Hanau, Germany and was there when the Berlin Wall came down.  I then went to Fort Campbell, KY for 4 years and also spent a year at Fort Bragg, NC.  I joined the Belmont County OH Sheriffs Office in 1996 and worked as both a Patrol Deputy and in the Detention Center.  I moved to Kansas in 1997 and joined the Johnson County KS Sheriffs Office in 2000 where I work in the Detention Center.

I meet my wife Anne Storm Adams in 1996 and got married in 1998 and had a readymade family with 2 daughters and 1 son.  I now have 5 grandchildren with another one on the way. My oldest grandson Gage wants to be a Defender and has chosen a road name, Bumblebee.  Im one proud Papa!!

I joined the Defenders in 2008 as the Vice President of the Oz Chapter.  I became the National Quartermaster in 2009 and the National Secretary in 2012.  I ride a Harley Davidson Ultra Classic.


National Treasurer Roy Brown "Catdaddy"

I was born and raised in Texas. Left Houston and made the move to Ft Myers in 1986. When I arrived in Ft Myers I worked for the telephone company. Left the telephone company and went to work for The Newspress. While working at the Newspress, I went to school to get my EMT license. I went to work for Lee County EMS. I worked 10 years for EMS and retired to go to work in the building supply industry.

I met and married my wife (Judy) in 1988. When I got married I had a ready made family with 3 kids. Our daughter is the oldest and 2 sons. All the kids are out and on their own. And now we have 2 grandkids. I'm (1) lucky grampa.

I joined the Defenders in 2005. My wife (Jazzcat) is an associate member. I held a road guard position and the position of Commander of the Lee County Chapter. I love being a part of The Defender Family. And I ride a geezer glide a Harley Ultra Classic.

The brotherhood of the Defenders MC was born in June 2004, in Naples, Florida.  The members of the DMC are active and retired members of Law Enforcement, Military, Emergency Services and Public Safety professions; who, along with a select group of citizenry, possess the highest moral and ethical values, uncompromised integrity and time honored dedication to the preservation of truth, justice, and the American way!

The DMC hit the road with engines roaring and tires smoking, setting the standard for all other LE/MC clubs to follow.

  DMC A Brotherhood of One*

We wear our colors on both the back and the front of our vests.

The American flag, 1* logo, badges and skull all have meanings to us.


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We wear a three part patch because we can.

On the front of our vests we wear the 1* patch.  This section of our colors are derived from the root meaning of the Thin Blue Line, the fraternal bond shared by all members of law enforcement through out the world.  We feel these core values are shared by our brothers in the military and by all public service professionals throughout the land.

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